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Crossroads Lead to New Directions

Crossroads Lead to New Directions

its been a while guys! 


The past few months I just haven't felt up to posting. Living in LA has definitely been amazing but  its a learning curve even when coming from NYC. I started acting, doing mostly background work on various studio lots and fully enjoyed work for the first time in my life. With that being said, my travel blog ended up on the back burner. I wondered if maybe I lost my love for traveling because I was finally living in a place I love and doing a job I enjoyed. I remember dreading coming back to New York while in Thailand on my solo 25th birthday excursion, but when i visited New York last December, i couldn't wait to return to California. I was in NYC for eleven days and it was torturous! I'm sure the weather played a big part, I absolutely hate the cold but I also missed the beautiful sunsets, hiking, working on set and eating fresh avocados daily! (It's the little things that count:-)

Most recently, I was at a crossroads. I really didn't know what to do with Latitude + Avenue since I was so absorbed in acting, from long set days (sometimes 14 hour days and doubles) to acting classes, then showcases (where actors seeking representation perform for agents) and  also super focused on getting in the best TV shape! MY schedule was beyond busy and also new and exciting and I started losing interest for writing, I made excuses to not blog, I constantly pushed it off and I stopped posting on the Instagram page.

At this point, I felt like why am I wasting energy stressing over working on something I have no desire to do! But before pulling the plug, since I didn't have the heart to quite do that yet... I spoke to my spiritual mentor. She told me if I loved acting so much maybe it would be a good idea to shut Latitude and Avenue down and possibly publish a book of my travels. Just the thought of that made me cry, although I haven't been the most consistent, the very thought of dissolving my platform that became a part of me over the past three years was the inspiration I needed to get back to it!

SO now I'm here writing you all <3 and happy to be back. 


Not only do I really miss writing posts but I also want to take L+A into a new direction. One of the main reasons I think I became turned off from blogging about my travels was the feeling of monotony and also over saturation of travel bloggers in the content creating world. I felt Latitude + Avenue may not be special enough to stand out and that it wasn't good enough to compete. I have recently come to the conclusion that I don't and won't have to do either of those things. I am a voice, my platform has a presence and the size of it doesn't matter to me as long as it is reaching and inspiring someone out there. I want to prove traveling and being a part of a global community brings us together as people and also helps us become our highest selves and the world needs more of that right now. 

So I decided instead of getting rid of L+A i would have it grow with me. L+A is a travel blog with a focus on wellness, spirituality and global activism. We believe in traveling for enjoyment but also changing the lives of everyone you meet along the way.

Hope this resonates with you <3


Nicole B.

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