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Traveling And Mental Health: How To Make The Most Of Your Time Off

Traveling And Mental Health: How To Make The Most Of Your Time Off

Contributor: Jamie Strand

When it comes to health benefits, traveling tops the list of things that can help you feel better in various ways. Not only does it help your mood, it can also inspire you to get healthy by trying new foods, or to get in more daily exercise by exploring a new city. Because your physical and mental health are closely linked, taking some time off to travel is a good thing just about any way you slice it.

Photo via Pixabay by  Alexsander-777

Photo via Pixabay by Alexsander-777


Travel can also strengthen relationships and leave you feeling a renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to going back to work. You can’t expect to be your best self when you’re feeling burnt out, so don’t feel guilty about taking time off for yourself. Learning new ways to cope with stress and being able to get more rest are two more unexpected--but positive--side effects of traveling.


Looking for all the ways a road trip can help you feel better? Read on for tips and facts about traveling and your mental health.

It can help you get social


If you’re an introvert or have been battling a serious depression, you might have had trouble recently with getting social. Going out to parties or just hanging out with friends can be overwhelming when you’re dealing with a mood disorder, and the stress of worrying about losing those friendships can be difficult to get over. Traveling can help you branch out and learn how to make new and possibly long-lasting relationships with interesting people, and it can ease your social anxiety as well.


It opens up your creativity


Have you ever noticed, after traveling to another town or just taking a different route to work in the morning, that you feel a little spark? The kernel of something creative that stays with you until you let it out? That’s because exposing yourself to new scenery and people can open up your creativity and rejuvenate you, which is why so many writers have sworn by it for centuries. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, you may discover a whole new side to yourself during a trip and take up a new hobby.


It can help you be happier


Traveling can boost your mood and help you feel happier in general because it allows you to relax and get out of the routine so many of us have set for ourselves. You may not even realize how unhappy you are until you break free of the monotony and try something new.


The same can be said for individuals in recovery. Travel has long been viewed as a benefit to people who have been battling substances because it allows them to get away from the memories, people, or places that can trigger temptation. It opens up new worlds and helps them see that substances aren’t necessary for happiness, and it also allows for a different perspective that might encourage healing. If you or someone you love has been dealing with substance abuse, this informative guide can help you navigate the path toward happiness and change.


It can impact your health


Traveling can help you stay healthier, according to one study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. It shows that both women and men who travel twice a year have a significantly less risk of heart attack than people who go for long periods of time without taking a vacation.


Traveling can be stressful in itself if you aren’t prepared, so cut down on your anxieties by planning well and having a backup plan, since there’s a good chance that not everything will go 100% according to your vision. Try to be patient and willing to rearrange some things on your schedule to keep it all running smoothly.

Jamie Strand is an unashamed nerd. He teaches community college and loves spending time with his two daughters. He wants to share his love of camping, science and math with kids today and that’s why he and a friend got together to create Scicamps.


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