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How to Keep Cool While Traveling This Holiday Season

Are you on the way to the airport and dreading it? Did you decided last minute you are gonna take the flight back home and see your beloved (dysfunctional)  family and friends? Holiday travelling can be rough especially when the time flies by so fast! Here's a few tips to keep your cool while traveling this holiday season!

1. Pack light

I know it's super hard not to bring your whole life with you when traveling home but trust me its worth leaving your hair dryer at home when you can borrow someone else's. Save the extra storage room for gift to bring back home! Who doesn't want to make space for gifts? 

If you are traveling with gifts to bring home I recommend small easy to pack items like, gift cards, jewelry or if there is a particular item you would like to buy have it gift wrapped and shipped directly to your family. Keep your load light. The less you have the less you can lose track of.

2. Be prompt

Make sure to arrive to your flights earlier than usual, since there are way more travelers this time of year. You don't want to feel rushed or even worse, miss your flight. With in climate weather pretty much everywhere, delays and cancellations are expected so be prepared! Being on time helps you feel lighter and keeps you anxiety to a minimum. Traveling for the holidays shouldn't put you in a shitty mood and the best way to keep you energy up is to be organized and on time!

3. Stay busy

To avoid the after-holiday work stress, I recommend keeping your mind busy with small tasks especially during your downtime between flights etc. Do you have a book you want to finish or have some cleaning to do ( deleting photos, clearing out space on your laptop). Holiday season marks the end of the year and is the best time to declutter. Make use of the extra time and get rid of anything weighing you do. This holiday season in particular is during Mercury Retrograde and according to astrologer its the perfect time to declutter and reflect on the past few months and the months ahead!

4. Be prepared

Phones like to die at the most inconvenient times and sometimes technology isn't always on our side. IF you can, always print out copies of your itinerary tickets and any other important information. Someone at the airport may help you but if you already have a Plan B it can save you time and the annoyance of long lines in customer service.

5. Have fun

How often do you get to see your closest friends and family? Make sure if you are traveling this holiday season truly enjoy the company of those you love. Those we love the most can definitely irritate us the most, but you wouldn't want your last memories of home be of your meltdown! 




Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and whatever else you celebrate<3


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