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Best Places In LA To Visit

Best Places In LA To Visit

By: Chandra Johnson

When you’re temporary living in LA, you want to make the most of it, and that’s exactly what New York City production coordinator & writer Chandra Johnson did.


Besides having beautiful weather year round, amazing shops and beaches within a five miles radius, Los Angeles has a surprising amount of culture and restaurants a foodie would die for. As soon as I found out I was coming to the sunshine state for about two months to work,  I made lists upon lists of places I absolutely had to check out on the weekends. Now, with a little less than a week here, I’ve done countless day trips and, well, basically ate my way through this city. Below are some of my favorite places I’ve visited week to week.

Week 1:


This great, deli style brunch spot was recommended to me by one of my bosses. Get a baked good to split with a friend while you wait for your food to come. The quinoa bowl with poached egg was good without the guilt.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Promenade

Brick + Mortar

This restaurant is tucked away on Main Street in Santa Monica. Get the brussel sprouts and kale salad, sit back in a cozy booth and people watch the bar goers.

Downtown LA- Grand Central Market

I went here after a massage in DTLA, which felt like a slice of home. Walk through the market, stop at McConnell's Fine Ice Cream-- it is a must. 

7th & Fig

Week 2:

The Broad

See the works of Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room come together in this rich illustrious museum.

Museum fun! 

Museum fun! 


Andante Coffee Shop

Get the Latino Latte hot or iced and walk to the Grove to window, er real, shop.

The Grove

I recommend going at night by yourself if you want to take in the shop scenery, but during the day the Farmer's Market is a must.

Griffith Observatory


Millies Cafe in Silverlake


If I die, scatter my ashes here because I've never been more in love with a store. In a sea of records, digging through vinyl, old movies and music novels couldn't come at a better price.

Week 3:


Culver City Soulcycle

Father’s Office

Get the burger--enough said. It's seriously one of the best, gourmet burger I've ever had.

LACMA Urban Light

Stop here for a quick photo-op day or night, and if you recognize this area from somewhere you haven't seen in a text book, that's because it was featured in the movie No Strings Attached.


Week 5:

Los Feliz

Great to walk around, stop in coffee shops and vintage shop!

Universal Studios Hollywood

Venice Beach 

Tacos Por Favor

Super cheap, fresh and good spot by the beach. Take it to go and watch the sun set on Venice beach.

Sunset Strip


Week 6:

Laurel Hardware

Runyon Canyon

The Hollywood Hills

Square One



Get a cake for the table to start out, which sounds weird, but it's like getting pancakes for the table which is another favorite thing of mine to do. 


Besides the cute ass interior of this newly opened restaurant on a popular street in Silverlake, everything on the menu was amazing. Split the Brussel sprouts and Sawyer fries, both come with an egg on top, then the Chicken Confit is the delicious entree I ordered. Get the mousse for dessert if they have it. I promise you won't regret it.

This is just a taste, literally, of what I did in a month by really maximizing my time on the weekends, but I'm excited to come back next time for more exploring.

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