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10 Travel Essentials For Your Carry-On Luggage

10 Travel Essentials For Your Carry-On Luggage

Contributor: Vanessa Wilkins

Packing a carry-on bag for a trip—whether it is an hour-long flight away, or an overseas journey—can be stressful. You want to make sure you that you've packed smart yet simple, so that you have everything you need for your trip without over-packing. I've created a list of the Top 10 Must-Haves for your carry-on bag to make sure that things run smoothly before, during and after your flight.

1)     Travel Documents and Valuables: The most important items to go into a carry-on bag are copies of all of your travel documents (including copies of your passports, travel itineraries and hotel confirmations), and your valuables, such as your camera and laptop, because you should have these items in your possession on every stop of your journey, in case something happens to your checked luggage.

2)     Medications: It is very important to pack any medications you have into your carry-on luggage, which includes both prescription and over-the-counter meds.

3)     Chargers and Adapters: Being "charged up" (think Drake!)  is crucial for any journey, and an increasing number of planes are adding outlets into the seat backs for traveler´s convenience. Pack all of your chargers in your carry on, and if you are traveling overseas, make sure to bring an adapter so you can stay charged up while abroad!

4)     Toiletries: Make sure to pack toiletries (including your must-have makeup items) in your carry on in case you want to freshen up at the airport or on the plane. I always pack a toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste and moisturizer, hand sanitizer, eyeliner and lipgloss in my carry-on bag.

5)      Chapstick: While this could technically go in the category of toiletries, chapstick is such an important item to pack in a carry on that it deserves its own list! Planes are super dehydrating due to the lack of humidity in the cabin air.

6)     Spare Outfit: If you are also checking a suitcase, it is very helpful to pack a few extra clothing options in your carry-on bag just in case something happens to your checked luggage. (Lets hope not, but better safe than sorry!)

7)      Entertainment: This is more subjective, but packing something to entertain yourself makes a flight so much more comfortable and enjoyable. I always make a playlist for my iPod, so a music player and earphones are essential for me, and I always pack a magazine or a puzzle to keep me occupied during a flight as well. Good entertainment can make a flight go by so fast!

8)     Snacks and Mints/Gum: I usually pack a treat for myself on the plane because sometimes airplane food just doesn't cut it for me (in fact, most times). I also like to carry a pack of mints so that my breath is fresh when I arrive in my destination!

9)     Water Bottle: As I previously mentioned, flights are very dehydrating for your skin, so packing a water bottle to refill on the plane can be vitalizing and refreshing, and will help avoid being dehydrated on the plane!

10)Sunglasses-These are strictly for when I deboard the plane and I haven’t quite figured out what century it is, but I don’t want my disorientation to be so obvious to everyone at baggage claim. Having sunglasses on hand can also be useful if the sun is shining in your eyes from the plane window.

I hope that this list is helpful when packing your carry-on for your next flight, and I wish you happy and safe travels! 


A little about Vanessa:

Vanessa Wilkins is a 22-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia who is currently living in New York City pursuing her dreams. Vanessa loves to read, write and travel, and her guilty pleasures include boy bands and ice cream sandwiches. Vanessa has been lucky enough to travel the world since she was a little girl, and she hopes be able to continue traveling and experiencing new cultures for the rest her life. 

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