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Road to Carnival : Your Guide to Bacchanal

Road to Carnival : Your Guide to Bacchanal

 CARNIVAL. If you are of West Indian Background this words means, the best time of the year. Every year thousands fly to Trinidad to attend the most epic celebration of the country. Trinidad may not be known like other islands for their beaches or resorts, but hands downs they throw the best parties!

Since I have family in Trinidad and have always wanted to go, I decided that this year will be the year! Carnival 2015! Of course participating in Carnival, also known as Masquerading is no easy feat. It takes tons of time planning and getting into shape!  Yes, you have to train like an athlete  to survive carnival season!

So I proceeded to join a mas camp and buy a costume a size smaller than me. I booked my flights and planned to get abs before Carnival! HAHA. This is funny. Why?

Because after its all said and done, I lost no weight lol and I’m currently on my way to Trinidad. All after stressing and working out on and off for the past five months. So at this point I might as well go and have a blast.

Some helpful sites for Carnival purchases:

Here you can purchase your carnival boots to match your costume.

Here is the Carnival craigslist, as a Carnival reselling site you can purchase your costume from another carnival goer who may not be able to go or buy tickets for a sold out fete. (Fetes are parties) Parties during Carnival Season in Trinidad can run you anywhere from 20 USD to 150 USDfor the best parties. Some of the best parties include Soca and Wet, Soca Brainwash and Shades.

I provide helpful tips here but the Carnival goers bible is the above blog. I don't know one person who has gone to T+T carnival and hasn't checked them out. 

Shop here for the best Carnival Monday wear and resort wear. All designed with love. Every piece is individually made by up and coming designer Keisha Marie Thomas.

Now I’m gonna try and get some rest! Before all the partying begins! Trinidad takeover begins now. Stay tuned for my costume and my interview with up and coming Carnival and resort wear designer Keisha Marie Thomas!

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