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Copenhagen. More Than It's Little Mermaid

Copenhagen. More Than It's Little Mermaid

The beginning and ending of my trip abroad. I came in with a bang and out with one. 

When I think of my 2 1/2 weeks away I miss this place the most.

For one. Copenhagen is colorblind. The whole time I was there I never felt  discriminated against or judged by the color of my skin. I was first American, then female then black. In the United States, I'm black, female and the American. Its so interesting to see everyone smile and you here. Danish people are extremely reserved but very pleasant. Coming from New York, I appreciate kindness from strangers, because here, its not too common.


Secondly, The efficiency. Everything seems to run a bit smoother in Copenhagen. Trains come every few minutes and there are “Quiet Zones” on every train. Not only are there Quiet Zones but people actually abide by the rules and stay quiet. Such an obedient society.

Third. The rainbows. They are so pretty. And they are everywhere. You can’t help but feel like your cup is half full here. *Cues Pharrell “Happy”*


Fourth. Everyone is so damn pretty. Like, the men are pretty. The ladies are pretty. Oh, and tall. Everyone is freakishly tall and Scandinavian. They don’t just look like models either, half the locals I met are or have modeled. The irony.

Fifth. NO GMO’s. The Mc Donald’s is delicious and you don’t feel like you gained a food baby either. There are tons of Farmers Markets and the food quality is top notch. That’s probably why everyone is in such good shape. The 7/11 was my favorite place to snack and for 5 bucks you can get 3 chocolate croissants #winning. Do not leave this place without trying their halal as there is a big Turkish Community here as well as Berlin. 


TIP- When traveling its always great to try one meal that is a staple or traditional to the place you're in. In Denmark you must get a hot dog with french dressing. A popular chain to try is Steff’s. YUMMMMM. (I ate it so quick I never got to take a picture. RIP HOT DOG.)

Sixth. Beer is cheaper than water. This is a good and bad thing. Beer is great and all but you need water to live and it shouldn't be 5 USD (about 30 Kroners) for a bottle. But, presuming will be so cheap.

Seventh. While in Copenhagen I stayed in my friends brother’s dorm. There perks of this was the opportunity to meet other expats and share the travel experience with them.Everyone is nice when they aren't in their comfort zone.

Eighth. Socialism. It would be nice to live somewhere where everyone is middle class. Well, thats how it is in Denmark. During the 5 days spent in the city I only saw two homeless people and even the homeless have the option of getting a job and an apartment with the help of the government. SO, if you're homeless here its because you chose to be!

Ninth. The honor system. In the metro in Copenhagen, don't expect to go through a turn style. They buy their tickets and just hop on the train. There are police officers that come around every now and then to check tickets but for the most part they trust that you will buy a tickets and not ride the train for free.


TIP- My American ass thought I could hop on a train without buying a ticket…… and got caught. So now I have a heavy fine to pay. Learn from me and buy a ticket. AS a foreigner you already stick out like a sore thumb. The best part about it is… I was tickets there and when i didn't pay it before leaving they mailed it to my house in NY. FUN. Where am I going to find 850 KRONERS!!!!!?????? And since I want to go back to Copenhagen i’ll have to pay off that ticket before going through passport control. Don't be me.. Don't be that person who has a fine.

Lastly, X. Yes, X became name of the Green Light District in Christianshavn. OK, that sounds farfetched right? Well, Christianshavn reminds us (the American expats) of Christmas/ X mas and it was just easier to call it X. In the Green Light District in Kobenhaven, it is legal to buy anD sell marijuana. Gangsters operate the distribution and it is an agreement with them and the police to only distribute marijuana within the designated area. the town is a hangout spot for the Danish and there are vendors, food spots and activities. 


Carnival Designer: Keisha Collette Thomas

Carnival Designer: Keisha Collette Thomas

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