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A New Way To Say THANKS!

A New Way To Say THANKS!

Have you ever wanted to tip someone and simply couldn't because you didn't have cash? or you had a big bill and no change? I know at one point or another we have all been there, especially when traveling. I have met some amazing people who have helped me throughout my travels but had no way of compensating them for their help and wouldn't be able to see them again to return the favor.

The Founder of Thanks App dealt with a similar situation while at the airport. Erik Hess, (founder of Thanks) was at the airport and just got off of a flight and needed to catch his connecting flight which was leaving very shortly. With a fracture foot, he assumed he would never catch his flight in time, since the terminal was on the other side of the huge airport. A delta employee came right in the nick of time to help! He quickly assisted Erik into a wheelchair and (literally) ran to the gate. Erik caught the flight and wanted to give the man something for his great service, but he only had a $20. The delta employee said to him, "it's ok, don't worry about it" but if anything it gave Erik a lot to think about on his flight back.

How do can we avoid the awkward tipping conversations? What can we create to make it easier to Tip those who are deserving? After much thought Thanks app was created.

Some of my favorite features:

*When you sign up, you recieve a special ID number which is used to send a recieve money.

*The transactions are no fee and also through Venmo.

*The other person doesn't have to have the app for you to send money.

Check the video below for a little more about Thanks! Perfect for the holiday season, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

You can get the app free today here!

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