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10 Tips For Booking Your Best Vacation Yet!

10 Tips For Booking Your Best Vacation Yet!

Hello and welcome to Latitude + Avenue!

So I decided for my first blog post I would write about tips and tricks to help make your trip an amazing one! Through my personal experiences traveling I was able to pick up a few lifesaving tips along the way. 

1. Travel to a place you have been dying to go. Yes I know, that seems obvious but it will make the whole experience better,whether it turns out good or bad since it is something you have been dreaming to do. Studying abroad in London was an amazing opportunity for me, but fulfilling my dream of traveling there made it an unforgettable time. 

2. Before booking, think about who you would want to travel with. As an avid traveler, I have made the mistake of traveling with a friend who I wasn't the most compatible with because I was dying to go on a trip and was willing to go with anyone down. NO bueno. Regardless, I had an amazing time in DR (and made many new friends) but I guarantee I would have had twice a fun with a chill travel buddy. If you are a party animal make sure the person you are traveling with is too! Similiarities in personality help here!

3. Take your time and search for the best deal. No worries, Latitude + Avenue is here to help, but getting the best deal is your best bet! You will love your vacation much more if you save that extra hundred bucks! (Plus, who doesn't want extra spending money, I know I do!) For affordable trips, use travel sites that compare trips (I would recommend Kayak).  Check websites such as Groupon or Jetsetter which often have deals on a discount which you can purchase way in advance. 

4. Pay attention to when and how you search.  I have found that travel prices can vary depending on the time of day you search and what device you are searching on. Prices can fluctuate when you are using a mobile device compared to a desktop! Be sure to check both before you book. Also if you are watching flights be sure to clear all browsing history every time you search. The site's cookies remember your search and can show you different prices. (This has happened to me a few times) Another rule of thumb is searching for flights around 2-4am on Tuesday/Wednesday nights, flights are usually cheapest around this time of day/week.

5.Book together if you can! The bigger the package, the bigger the discount! If you are going alone or with others, try to book all accomodations at once.  Booking your flight and hotel at once is best and booking as a group is even better! It can get difficult at times booking together when everyone may be paying differently but sites like Cheapcaribbean allows for split payments which makes the booking process fluid.

6. Travel to visit someone. Whenever I get the itch to go away but I dont have the funds or the time for a long trip I like to visit my friends! Not only do you save money on a hotel but you also gain a tour guide. While in college I visited my friend Monique in Tallahasse, Florida and got to experience, soror life for weekend in a college town and campus sights. I had a blast, and the trip to Florida from NY including my expenses came up to 400 dollars at most!

7.Triple check the itinerary. Quadruple check if you can! Ha! Assuming I knew which airport I was going to, I barely glanced over my ticket and almost went to JFK for my flight to Miami. Luckily, my friend asked and I double checked and realized we were headed to Laguardia! (Side bar: We were able to hop into a cab and head to Laguardia just in time! Whenever flying be extra extra early because you may just end up at the wrong airport.)

8.Pack Light. I will be honest, I never ever follow this tip even though I should. Trust me you will regret overpacking when you can't bring all the souvenirs you bought back home. (I mean who doesn't need 12 shot glasses from Vegas?)

9.Pack for the gram. The best part of vacation is, indisputably, the selfies. Whether it's selfies with the Eiffel Tower or the beach with black sand, you wanna be prepared. How do you prepare? Pack cute. No bum clothes are allowed on vacation. I now plan every outfit so I can't hate what I'm wearing because I decided to shove ten tops and only two jeans in my weekender.

10.Have a f****ng ball. (Yes, I have a potty mouth..:-)) Planning vacations may be stressful, so make it all worth it when you get there.  What you forgot to bring, OH WELL. Live it up or chill out and leave the stress at home! 


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to check out the sites I linked as well! This is just the beginning of travel insight! 

Since I love quotes, let me leave you with one,"People don't take trips, trips take people."- John Steinbeck

What I Learned While Planning My Itinerary

What I Learned While Planning My Itinerary